The “Natural” C-section

My c-section was a magical birth experience. Rosie was my 4th baby and the most magical delivery. My husband was supportive and created a lovely experience – placing me and Rosie in the centre. He crouched down holding both of my hands and sang to me while the epidural was being completed – I even started laughing (…well my husbands singing!) and the doctor told me to stop laughing and sit still so she could get it right – but in a nice manner.

I think you need to create a sense of the birth being just for your family Рand how you do this will be unique to you Рbut just focus on the the c-section being the birth of your baby and every birth is a magical moment. The first time you see your baby after 9 months.

Here is a great article for making your c-section birth more baby and mother friendly instead of a surgical procedure

About Mel

I am Melanie Rex. I have had 4 children. The first 3 were born naturally and the last baby was born by C Section. I decided to set up because I was disappointed with the after C-Section underwear and products available in NZ. My experience was being told to buy granny knickers and wear them after the C-Section. In my first 3 pregnancies I usually wore my own underwear after having a baby and did not like the 'unattractive' feeling of the granny knickers.... I thought that it didn't have to be this way. After research on the net I found many international comfort care products and set about importing them for the benefit of NZ mothers after a C-section - hence was born. C-Section mothers do not have to wear granny knickers and they can have comfort care products especailly for them. I am married to Tim Rex and live on the Coromandel with my 4 growing children.
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