Great Advice from a 4 C-Section Mother

Wax the top of your bikini line before your c-section

If you do: The hair will take a few weeks to grow back – by which time the wound will of healed and you can deal with hairs that are ingrown or infected.

If you don’t: The hair will grow back in a few days while the wound is still fresh and cause it to become red and itchy. You will continually examine the wound and watch the hairs growing at odd angles and want to pick and pull and you will have to resist the temptation….I know I have been there!

Dry your new wound with a hairdryer, instead of a towel, after a shower

If you do: You will keep your wound clean and dry and limit post c-section infections.

If you don’t: You may not dry your wound thoroughly – for fear of rubbing too hard. This may create a moist environment for infections to flourish.

I wish I had known about these ideas before my c-section – anything to help with the recovery.

About Mel

I am Melanie Rex. I have had 4 children. The first 3 were born naturally and the last baby was born by C Section. I decided to set up because I was disappointed with the after C-Section underwear and products available in NZ. My experience was being told to buy granny knickers and wear them after the C-Section. In my first 3 pregnancies I usually wore my own underwear after having a baby and did not like the 'unattractive' feeling of the granny knickers.... I thought that it didn't have to be this way. After research on the net I found many international comfort care products and set about importing them for the benefit of NZ mothers after a C-section - hence was born. C-Section mothers do not have to wear granny knickers and they can have comfort care products especailly for them. I am married to Tim Rex and live on the Coromandel with my 4 growing children.
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