Women of Size C-Section Tips

Women of size do have very high cesarean rates today, much higher than women of average size. But is this high rate really medically necessary?  Or is some of the increase caused by misguided assumptions about obesity and by unneeded interventions and protocols commonly used with women of size?  If so, what can a big mom do to lower her personal chances of having a cesarean?

Cesareans can be truly necessary and life-saving.  But nowadays, more and more women—especially obese women—may be having cesareans that are not really needed.

This is a very comprehensive article and contains many tips for women of size to help them give birth vaginally – but personally I would struggle to follow some of the recommendations, due to too much worry about whether I was making the right choice or not. But I think it’s a great article and has some great tips for women of size.


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