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I am Melanie Rex. I have had 4 children. The first 3 were born naturally and the last baby was born by C Section. I decided to set up because I was disappointed with the after C-Section underwear and products available in NZ. My experience was being told to buy granny knickers and wear them after the C-Section. In my first 3 pregnancies I usually wore my own underwear after having a baby and did not like the 'unattractive' feeling of the granny knickers.... I thought that it didn't have to be this way. After research on the net I found many international comfort care products and set about importing them for the benefit of NZ mothers after a C-section - hence was born. C-Section mothers do not have to wear granny knickers and they can have comfort care products especailly for them. I am married to Tim Rex and live on the Coromandel with my 4 growing children.

The “Natural” C-section

My c-section was a magical birth experience. Rosie was my 4th baby and the most magical delivery. My husband was supportive and created a lovely experience – placing me and Rosie in the centre. He crouched down holding both of … Continue reading

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Watch a C-Section?

This is a great video – but quite difficult to watch – as it is very real.  Cesarean Section on You Tube Great to prepare father-to-be??? but watch it first and check all good for him – as you don’t want … Continue reading

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‘Too Posh to Push’ Myth Exposed… Finally

‘Too posh to push myth’ exposed, say researchers One in four babies is delivered by Caesarean section in Britain It is “unlikely” that women undergo caesarean sections to avoid the pain of childbirth, research suggests.  Most caesareans were carried out … Continue reading

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Link between Induction and C-Section?

I have always thought that each intervention that happens in labour is one step closer to a c-section. If you are trying to avoid a c-section – then start early on and plan which birth interventions you are happy with. This is an … Continue reading

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Great Advice from a 4 C-Section Mother

Wax the top of your bikini line before your c-section If you do: The hair will take a few weeks to grow back – by which time the wound will of healed and you can deal with hairs that are ingrown … Continue reading

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C-Shelf – Do you even want to know?

For those of you that don’t know the C-Shelf is the flap or fold of skin that hangs down over the C-Section Scar. I found this question on Trademe Community  Who has lost their c-section “shelf”? Please tell me its … Continue reading

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Bleeding after a C-Section

Before my C-section I did not even think about bleeding after the birth. I suppose I had lost the connection with bleeding from the uterus the normal way after a birth – since the baby wasn’t coming out that way … Continue reading

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Had a cesarean – but want to give birth naturally?

Hot off the press – new guideleines to help women give birth after a cesarean New guidelines aim to reduce repeated C-sections. Get our book VBAC (vaginal Birth after Cesarean) to cover all the issues and help you make an … Continue reading

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Which Underwear after a Cesarean?

For immediately after – the first few days to the first week – use mesh hospital pants (these can be washed up to 10 times and dry rapidly) – so easy to use in hospital. They allow the area around … Continue reading

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How can Silicone help your Cesarean Section Scar?

As any wound heals, a scar forms, and this is what happens after a cesarean section. There are a number of products designed to reduce the appearance of scars, and Silicone treatment after a c-section is an effective solution for scar reduction. The Caesarean Section … Continue reading

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