Having a Bath after C-section

I read lots of info about when to have a bath after a c-section and decided I would do it when I was ready. I liked showers straight after – due to being easy and clean – but I am a bath person and enjoy the relax. I had my first bath about a week after the c-section and that was lovely – no looking back – I even had baby in the bath with me.

I have always bathed my babies in the bath with me – they love the warm bath – and I am happy that I do not have to have the back-breaking task of bending over to bath baby and emptying the baby bath.

I have never got on with any baby bath. I have tried it once each after 2 of my children and that was enough….since then it has  always been in the big bath with baby propped up on my legs. It’s easy, natural and free. It is lovely to have someone to help baby in and out of the bath though – but I used to have towel ready in rocking baby seat and that is good for 5-10 minutes while you finish your bath… it all makes for a more relaxing bath for you.

Enjoy your bath.

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Women of Size C-Section Tips

Women of size do have very high cesarean rates today, much higher than women of average size. But is this high rate really medically necessary?  Or is some of the increase caused by misguided assumptions about obesity and by unneeded interventions and protocols commonly used with women of size?  If so, what can a big mom do to lower her personal chances of having a cesarean?

Cesareans can be truly necessary and life-saving.  But nowadays, more and more women—especially obese women—may be having cesareans that are not really needed.

This is a very comprehensive article and contains many tips for women of size to help them give birth vaginally – but personally I would struggle to follow some of the recommendations, due to too much worry about whether I was making the right choice or not. But I think it’s a great article and has some great tips for women of size.


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Tidy House and C-Section

Great advice from a C-section mother:

Get a cleaner for a few hours for the first 3 weeks after a c-section. They can help with all the heavy or bending cleaning jobs, like cleaning the bath.

It means the house is clean for visitors, you are stress-free and your husband does not have to clean, bond with baby, help in the night, be supportive and try and hold down a job!

We would love to hear any other advice after a c-section – just comment below. Remember your advice from experience could help another c-section mum plan for an easier recovery.

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Walk Tall – Great Advice

I have talked to many women who have had c-sections and they nearly all say that an emergency c-section takes the longest time to recover from both emotionally and physically. I have had 4 babies and only the final by elective c-section followed the birth plan – so usually it is the shock of the birth not going to plan that emotionally upsets us.

One of the best peices of advice I heard from a recovery nurse was when you are up walking keep your back straight. Bending over only makes to slower to recover  by letting the wound heal in an unusal position.

So after your c-section… WALK TALL

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Comfort Trial

For the first 5 lucky readers we have a special trial price on the C-Section Comfort Belt.

Just visit http://www.csection.co.nz/c-section-c-belts.html/ and get the C-Section Belt for $24.95 – a massive saving – now that’s comfort you can’t afford to miss.

What do you have to do:

  1. On check-out enter code: trial
  2. The only condition is that you must write a review of the C-Section Belt for other NZ mums.

This offer is only available to NZ residents. Not valid with any other offer.

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The “Natural” C-section

My c-section was a magical birth experience. Rosie was my 4th baby and the most magical delivery. My husband was supportive and created a lovely experience – placing me and Rosie in the centre. He crouched down holding both of my hands and sang to me while the epidural was being completed – I even started laughing (…well my husbands singing!) and the doctor told me to stop laughing and sit still so she could get it right – but in a nice manner.

I think you need to create a sense of the birth being just for your family – and how you do this will be unique to you – but just focus on the the c-section being the birth of your baby and every birth is a magical moment. The first time you see your baby after 9 months.

Here is a great article for making your c-section birth more baby and mother friendly instead of a surgical procedure


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Watch a C-Section?

This is a great video – but quite difficult to watch – as it is very real.

 Cesarean Section on You Tube


Great to prepare father-to-be??? but watch it first and check all good for him – as you don’t want to put him off being there!

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‘Too Posh to Push’ Myth Exposed… Finally

‘Too posh to push myth’ exposed, say researchers

A baby born by Caesarean
One in four babies is delivered by Caesarean section in Britain

It is “unlikely” that women undergo caesarean sections to avoid the pain of childbirth, research suggests.

 Most caesareans were carried out for medical reasons, the review of 620,000 births in England in 2008 found.

 Read the rest http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-11485987

Hopefully we can now stop blaming mothers for the rise in c-section.

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Link between Induction and C-Section?

I have always thought that each intervention that happens in labour is one step closer to a c-section. If you are trying to avoid a c-section – then start early on and plan which birth interventions you are happy with.

This is an interersting article in TIME – and they can say it better than me!

Cesarean Deliveries Rise Alongside Rate of Induced Labor – TIME

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Great Advice from a 4 C-Section Mother

Wax the top of your bikini line before your c-section

If you do: The hair will take a few weeks to grow back – by which time the wound will of healed and you can deal with hairs that are ingrown or infected.

If you don’t: The hair will grow back in a few days while the wound is still fresh and cause it to become red and itchy. You will continually examine the wound and watch the hairs growing at odd angles and want to pick and pull and you will have to resist the temptation….I know I have been there!

Dry your new wound with a hairdryer, instead of a towel, after a shower

If you do: You will keep your wound clean and dry and limit post c-section infections.

If you don’t: You may not dry your wound thoroughly – for fear of rubbing too hard. This may create a moist environment for infections to flourish.

I wish I had known about these ideas before my c-section – anything to help with the recovery.

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